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Our Larder360 is growing

Building a team has to be the best buzz in a new venture.  We are delighted to welcome Ailbhe Flaherty to Larder360 for the summer months.

Ailbhe is definitely a fit for Larder360. A BComm student at NUIG, specialising in marketing. Ailbhe is also an active farmer :-).

Helping us with customer engagement will be Ailbhe's thing for the summer.  If how Ailbhe looked for summer work is anything to go by there will be some fun things happening.  You cant beat the twitter machine!

Our New Branded Gear

Nice sense of satisfaction picking this up from Safety Direct today.  

Thanks Muire for the modelling :-). 

UbberValu - Irelands Newest Supermarket

@sawdoctors take on supermarkets & the gloss they create.  As always they see behind the blurb!