Im so Excited I need a Lie Down!

'We love your chickens, where can we get them in Gort?'

'I wish I could give good chicken to my kids, do you stock anywhere in Loughrea?'

'Im from Tuam my family uses chicken fillets twice a week, where can I get yours?'

'I'm only 4 miles away is your farm in Athenry open today?'

These are the question that have hit us for the past 10 years.

I never had an answer until now.  Larder360

A Fishmonger, 2 Farmers and Food Producers of Galway have the solution.

Larder360  And it's all about convenience.  

We will deliver the best food products straight to you. 

Order from Larder360 & we will deliver to you next Friday.

Larder360 is more about you than it is about us.  

Without you there is no us.

Tell us what you think, how can we  make Larder360 better? or 091-792899

Mad to Farm!

I spoke yesterday at Open EirIrish Farmers Journal Agri Careers day. It brought me way back to my teenage years, when all I wanted to do was grow up to be a farmer. The RDS Main Hall was packed with young people mad to farm & work in the Agri Industry.  Its up to us older than them to ensure the policies & actions on the ground are in place to make sure that they can live and work where they were born and raised.