The Friendly farmers Dudes

Just a fast one, a video clip of the new arrivals in Knockbrack, 8 rare/traditional breed British Saddleback piglets. In a word they are class. At this stage they're 2 weeks old, strong, fit and healthy.

Born through the night, their mother (Sally) had a long labour, starting at 20:00 and finishing at 05:30, needless to say I was with her all the way in case of any mishap. The sleep deprivation made me a lovely person to deal with the following day!

There was 9 to begin with, but unfortunately a few days after birth one got crushed by her mother. This is a fact of life with piglets born the natural way (i.e.without farrowing create). But the other 8 are now fully mobile and mad for action. Hopefully they are the start of a new direction for the farm here. With our new aim to produce slow food from traditional breeds supplying the local area.