Poor Mr Fox.......Not

The Hunt is a traditional part of this area, and it paid us a visit last week. They hardly ever catch a fox, as he is far to clever for them. All he gets is a good work out running from the hounds.

It was a timely call, as he paid me a visit the night before, breaking in to one of my runs and killing 5 - 7 chickens. What happens is: he/she kills as many as they can, but only brings away 1 or 2. So the sight that met me in the morning was a hole in the chicken wire, 5 dead chickens and 60ish super stressed out chickens! Needless to say security measures have been step up, but we haven't quiet the budget yet to install security surveillance cameras, so don't worry, I wont be posting footage of future killing sprees.

The surviving chickens held a memorial to their departed comrades and are in counselling for post traumatic stress disorder........... all are recovering well.