Farmer Falls Out With his blog!

Dear Blog,

Im so sorry, we have grown apart in the recent months, its been totally my fault. I have taken you completely for granted, I was all about you at the start, and everything was new, interesting and exciting. I ran to you with all my good news and stories, spoiling you with videos and attempts at witty comments.

It was all so easy................. But then what happen? Things got a little bit tough for the friendly farmer. The weather was bad, the days short and the progress slow. After the high of the Christmas period the reality of running a start up business hits home. The chicken model doesn’t work so well in the bad weather, there is no stock to sell and no customers and I neglected you. You were the one that stood by me at the start, you listen and took what every over enthusiastic thoughts I threw at you.

So sorry, and I hope that you can forgive me and allow me back into your world!

Yours truly,
the friendly farmer.