the friendly farmer gets fancy

After months of focus groups, thought showers and pushing of the envelope the gouys (sic) at the marketing department (Uachtar Reoite, Urlar and Smeara Dubha) have come up with new branding for the friendly farmer. Basically we decided to put a picture of me rubbing a pig on the label, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see what we came up with.

A wit in one of the focus groups suggested that the tag line should be changed from........ food produced the way it should be to...................ate my chickens and you too can look this good!........ However the labels are not big enough to include the legal disclaimer in relation to over consumption of chicken and the links with male pattern baldness.

Seriously, thanks is due to Joanne and Colin from Snap Printing, for their creativity, patience and professionalism in coming up with a lovely design (if I do say so myself). You can check them out on the friendly printer link n the right hand side of this page.