Vote Yes For Faster Drying Turf!

Its a great system where u can hop on a plane land in Berlin and buy a bag of Tayto, no visa needed, no exchange rate etc.

What is the Lisbon Treaty? Basically a big spring cleaning/tidying up of all the legal treaties that have been drafted before, it will make the running of the EU institutions easier & more efficient. Nothing to do with the scare tactics on the Yes or the No side, it will not make you fatter or thinner, it will not make your hair grow back or fall out, it will not make the turf dry faster in the bog..................

All it will do will streamline the EU institutions and make them more efficient, but that's far too boring to stick on a poster, and possibly far too boring to get people out to vote. But if you can get out and vote and vote yes for faster drying turf.