Duck its Easter

Its all duck talk here at the moment, we are busy getting ready for this Saturdays Farm Gate Easter Sales day, and seasonal duck is top of the menu.

These duck are a step apart from the standard duck you will find in the shops.
  • These boys live twice as long - 15 weeks as opposed to 7 weeks.
  • They roam outside during the day on fresh pasture.
  • As with all our poultry they are fed on a wheat based diet, which we make up on farm, free from all the nasty stuff.
  • All this leads to a slower maturing bird, which makes the meat more tender, succulent and full of flavour.

Why duck for Easter? Well why not! They are an excellent center piece for a special bank holiday family dinner.

So if you are interested in booking a duck drop me a line or give me a call, our just call to the farm on the day, where we will have a selection of all our other pasture reared meat in stock.