New Year Bronze Turkey & Goose

Thank you to anyone who purchased, cooked, carved or ate one of our Bronze Turkeys, Geese or Ducks this Christmas.  Thank you also to all our customers & restaurants who buy our 200 odd fresh chicken weekly.  We very much appreciate all your support during the year and wish you all a Happy 2013.  We have some Bronze Turkeys & Geese in stock for the New Year & Little Christmas celebrations, give us a call & we can arrange collection on the farm.

We are looking forward to 2013 & getting settled into using our new on farm abattoir, plus a few other plans we are hatching (caution bad pun alert) for the new year.  We are taking a break from the markets until Friday 11th of January & will see you all in the a few weeks.

Happy New Year
Ronan Byrne.