Calories on Menus is Madness

I really feel for all our chefs this week as they try and get their head around this proposed legislation.
Its unworkable in my view.  It will be grand for the large multiple restaurants/fast food outlets.  They know every day what portion size will be etc.

Can anyone tell me how it will work for the rest?!  Take our chickens for example, the average order we get from restaurants would be 10 whole chickens.  Our chefs then work their magic and turn these chickens into many different fabulous meals.  Guess what!  Not all those 10 chickens would be the same size, they would be close in size but not the same (funny that).

So how in the name of all that is good will they be able to calculate the calorie count on each dish, as one chicken filet or drum stick will be a different weight from the next, it just wont work!

All they will be able to give is a indication on the menu, but is that what the customer really wants?

Plus gone will be the days of restaurants availing of an abundance of stock on a seasonal basis to drum up a magical dishes.  Why would they bother when this extra layer of hassle will be put on them?

I hope common sense will prevail on this, or else I will have to have a chat to our chickens and kindly ask them to all end up the same size on the day we get them ready for processing.