6,687 farmers pay the wage of One.

The annual memberships fee of the IFA is €80,  therefore it took the membership fees of 6,687 farmers to pay the €535,0000 remuneration of its general secretary in 2013.  One of the IFA's other income streams is a voluntary levy paid by farmers on animals slaughtered & milk supplied in the country.

Therefore the more that farmers supply the more the main lobby group for farmers earn.  Is it just me or is it a bit ironic that there has been a massive push towards increasing volumes of production, particularly in milk?   

Remember all the the talk of 'Liquid Gold' at the start of this year, it hasn't quite worked out, yet the drum sounded a very loud beat from certain quarters that all would be magnificent.  Farmers are now committed financially and have to plough on regardless.  We deserve a representative group that protects our real interests, not the interests of Ireland Food Inc.

I wonder how many farmers membership fees does it take to pay the remuneration of Assistant General Secretary & Director of Operations at the IFA?