Happy New Year To all our Customers

Happy New Year to all our market customers & chefs who support our farm every year.  We are back with our Pop Up Farm Shop in both Moycullen (Fri) & Galway (Sat) markets next weekend.  We are also sending out chickens to our restaurants this week.

We are surviving the weather on the farm (just about), however it is proving a massive challenge to our method of farming.  Our lands are completely saturated with water, even though we have free draining sandy soil.  New year and new beginnings allow for a fresh look at how we do things and hopefully plenty of opportunities lie ahead.  Changes will have to be made, what they are is yet to be determined,  as always we will keep you posted.

Your heart has to out to those that are 1000 times worse off than ourselves, homes and business under feet & feet of water, with no sign of the rain abating.  The physical & mental strain on these communities must be huge as the battle seems endless.  In farming there is little opportunity at times to 'switch off'  as your 'job' is your life.  Lets all hope that the weather lifts & the situation improves.  

                                    Flood waters rise on Micheál Cahill's farm in Kiltartan, south Galway