508 Million Mouths to Feed

Thats a lot of mouths!  508 million people live in the EU.  All EU food and agricultural policy is set in Brussels.  

Thats the standards your chicken is raised too. The level of hygiene in your local chipper and why champagne is called champagne.  

Our current system of food supply is only a baby. The 1st supermarket was opened in Ireland in the 60's.  How we buy food has evolved very quickly and policies have always been in catch up mode. This has lead to one size fits all policies to cover all the bases. From my experience this is not the best for farmers and consumers.  So it's no harm to continually question & test these policies. 

Groupes de Bruges is an independent think tank on European agriculture and rural development.  A platform to tease out innovative policy ideas to help feed the 508 mouths.  I am delighted to be involved with the Groupes de Bruges think tank to see if there are better policies out there.