The 15 Miracle Turkeys

These boys are survivors, an hour before this was taken they were on deaths door. I left one heat lamp off in one of the brooder circles and in the space of 1.5 hours 18 out of the 60 were nearly smothered and dying of hypothermia. But with the initial help of Maria who kept them going until I got back. I then stuck them in the range oven for 30 second periods, heated them up with a hair dryer and gave them sugary water to drink, kept moving them, and in the space of 2 hours they had turned the corner. I'm now watching the Galway races and keeping them going.

It just proves that there can be no room for mistakes when rearing turkeys.

In the end thankfully only 3 were lost, a good lesson to get, particularly this year when I thought I was practising a 'zero mistake tolerance' in the brooder. I could be here kicking myself now. They dont look 100% yet, but hopefully they will all make it now.

This is why raising turkeys isnt easy!