A Farmer's BHAG

Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) - Launching in Spring 2014!

A local food distribution network.

What’s the idea?

The idea is to bring fresh local & seasonal farm produce that is not widely available in shops direct to consumers for collection at a time and place which is convenient to them.

How does it work?
Consumers sign up for our Customer Club and can view our farmers online (or speak to/visit them in person if they wish). They place orders for fresh farm produce through our simple online ordering system, once off or on a standing order basis. At regular intervals we make drops of ordered produce to convenient locations in communities or neighbourhoods (workplaces, schools etc) at convenient times – members simply pop-by, pick up their pre-ordered groceries and pay by cash or cheque there and then.
Essentially, it brings the farm gate to your school gate, neighbourhood or community.

How does it differ from existing distribution channels?
What is special about this system is that it maintains a direct link between the farmer and consumer, providing really fresh, seasonal farm produce to customers, while using the convenience of technology and transport to save time, reduce food miles, and give a better return to the farmer.

By dropping to community locations where a number of customers collect their produce, we reduce transport costs and food miles. Our online ordering system and convenient drop times and locations save you time, but our collective pick-up points bring trading back into the heart of communities; bringing people together. Our membership system creates a loyal personal relationship between farmers and customers.

How does the consumer benefit?
  • Produce is fresh as can be (direct from farm to your neighbourhood)
  • Offers quality of produce that cannot be found in most retailers
  • Ordering is simple, pick-ups are convenient – saves you time and travel
  • You contribute to a better, fairer more sustainable food system

How does it benefit farmers (and in turn you)?
  • Run by farmers and goes direct to the consumer, cutting out middleman and providing a better return to the farmer so they can produce better food.
  • Flexible system based on an up to date limited offering of what is available right now, allowing farmers to respect the seasons and farm with greater care for the land and the environment.
  • System saves farmers time on administration, marketing, sales and deliveries giving them more time to do what they do best – farm!