Tick Tock to Turkey (and Goose!) O'Clock

We are now taking Orders for Christmas and Thanksgiving (Nov 28th)

Succulent tasty Pasture-reared Bronze Turkey and Goose to make the festive season extra special.

You may not want to think about Christmas just yet, but if you want one of our unique pasture-reared birds on your table come December 25th, now is the time to order. Ordering is as simple as can be - just fill out our online order form today and forget all about it until collection day on 22/23 December (don't worry, we'll remind you!).

Give thanks - Friendly Farmer Turkeys for Thanksgiving!
But before Christmas comes upon us, our American friends will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday on November 28th and we are now selling a limited number of our pasture-reared Bronze Turkeys for the occasion. So whether you are planning to arrange your own Thanksgiving away from home or want to treat your American friends or cousins (maybe home for the Gathering!?) to a special Thanksgiving dinner, give thanks that the Friendly Farmer has great tasting Turkeys ready for the occasion.