Why bother with Chickens?

After the sight that greeted me this morning, that question is ringing in my head. I woke to a beautiful spring morning, going about my morning jobs happy out with the fine day, that is until I came to the chicken runs.There I found a neighbours gun dog in one of the runs, he had managed to kill 140 chickens from both runs in the course of the night.

I wasn't going to put this information up, but I decided to show the reality of the difficulties of producing chickens outside of the mass production models, in fact the difficulties faced with producing any poultry product out side of the conventional methods. The losses are a financial disaster and just cant be sustained.

Luckily the video footage I took didn't come out and you will be spared the details, but as you can see from the pictures below its not pretty.

Where to from here for the chicken enterprise? I don't know, but it don't look good. This following on from a weasel attach a month ago and high losses due to a bad spring, calls for a serious rethink.